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Prambors FM.

Twice Time on Do Fun!!

Last WQ's Moment


This is one of my moment in High School with my best 12. My best friend ever. In this event we do fun running which is hold by Prambors Radio. This event is hold to decrease the violent (such as bullying) on our real life. And there were many singer who make this event more wonderful. 
This fun running event is also a cheap event because we just pay 30K rupiah, and then we'll get 1 T-shirt, Lunch, and also unlimited drinks.


Tour to Puncak With WQ

New WQ's Jacket

Bakar-Bakaran After midtest

Me at my Room

at Star on Summarecon Mall Serpong

New Year Holiday

Wulan's 17th Party

Dofun with XI Science 4

Resting Time

Kintan's Birth Day

Dhenises Sweet 17 Party

someday, i went to DUFAN in Jakarta with my family.

i make and give this for someone as a gift.

i got this from someone in New Year 2011. in last new year, i passed my new year time with bored activity. i just stayed in my room,listened my radio, and hoped someone can get me out from thet house (my step sister's house).
but in tis year, i pass my new year in my aunt's house. i'm happy, i spend my time with play, talk each other with my family, and meet my closest frie.nd my closest friend come to my house. and he gives me the light which has written my name and his name.

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